Carolina Marsh Tacky Horse Registry

The registry is constantly updated with new foals, trades, sales, deaths, gelding etc., It is vital that owners notify the registry of changes with their horses (births, deaths, owner transfers, geldings) so that the database is accurate and complete.  It is especially important that owners notify the registry when a horse has been gelded so we will have an accurate accounting of available breeding stallions.  Also, let us know of changes in your address, email, or other contact information.  For registry updates, contact Jeannette Beranger at  Livestock Conservancy, PO Box 477, Pittsboro, NC 27312, (919) 542-5704,

Marsh Tacky Population Update as reported January 2018.

As of December 31, 2017:

  • Total number of living horses: 423
  • Total number of living mares: 222
  • Total number of living studs: 100 (9 known stallions actively breeding)
  • Total number of living geldings: 101
  • Births recorded since January 2017: 32
    • 21 fillies
    • 15 colts

Marsh Tacky Naming Rules
  • No more than 40 characters are permitted in the official registered name.
  • Registered names are assigned on a first come first serve basis with the LC Pedigree Registry. No duplicate registered names will be permitted.
  • No names will be permitted that are sexually suggestive or have a vulgar or obscene meaning; names considered in poor taste; or names that may be offensive to religious, political or ethnic groups.
  • No trademarked names will be permitted in the registry.
  • A herd name (name of farm) may be added as a prefix to a horse’s registered name if the farm both owns the dam at the time of the foal’s conception and owns the foal at the time of registration. This registered name including the prefix must conform to the 40 character limit.
  • A herd name may not be used by more than one farm and is granted on a first come first serve basis with the Pedigree Registry.
  • A registered name may not be changed once it has been accepted into the registry.
  • “Barn” or “Pet” names may be changed by owners at any time.
How to Register a Marsh Tacky

Registration Requirements

The Studbook / Registry was officially closed on August 18, 2010.  Realizing the need to protect the unique heritage of the Marsh Tacky horse and its link to the history of South Carolina, and in order to promote breeding practices to preserve its purity, the Marsh Tacky Studbook and Registry was officially closed.  However, there may be exceptions to the rule if there is strong supporting evidence that the horse is a Marsh Tacky and that acceptance into the registry would benefit the population by adding vital genetics to the breed.

Three conditions, in the following order, must be met before a horse can be considered for registration:
First, the lineage and origin of the prospective horse must be known.
Second, the prospective horse must be presented to the appointed CMTA Inspection Committee and pass a visual inspection for breed type and conformation.
Third, upon passing a visual inspection, a hair sample will be collected by the attending CMTA Inspection Committee member for DNA testing.  The DNA test results must match a current foundation horse.  The testing fee will be paid by the owner prior to testing.

Note:  Foals of registered sires and dams are eligible for immediate registration.  All new foals from registered parent stock must have a registration form filled out and submitted to the Livestock Conservancy, including photos so that they may be entered properly into the registry.

Acceptance into the registry does not imply an evaluation of animal soundness. A registration may be cancelled or amended by the ALBC Pedigree Registry at any time based on new information.  Pedigree certificates are signed and embossed and are mailed to owners upon acceptance of their horse into the registry. If there are any questions regarding the studbook or registry contact The Livestock Conservancy, Jeannette Beranger, PO Box 477, Pittsboro, NC 27312, (919) 542-5704,

Thank you to the Thorne Foundation for making the first  Marsh Tacky studbook a reality.  

Registration Form