Marsh Tacky breeders are dedicated to the preservation of the Marsh Tacky horse and maintaining breed standards.
If you are interested in owning a Marsh Tacky please contact our breeders.

“It’s past a hobby for me. Let’s call it a passion. I feel like the good Lord put these Marsh Tackies in my life. It’s been a gift.” David Grant / South Carolina Living / June 2010

Susan Day
Howling Wolf Acres

5490 Hwy 165
Hollywood, SC 29449

Marion Gohagan
Gohagan’s Guide Service

P.O. Box 57-B
Scotia, SC 29939

MJ and Chris Goodwin
Blackberry Ridge Horse Farm
113 North Main St., Anderson, SC 29621

David Grant
Carolina Marsh Tacky Outdoors

2637 Anderson Farm Road
Florence, SC 29501

“The swamps, that’s where they excel. Water chest deep they’ll swim through. They’ll cross bogs that other horses won’t and they’ll go smoothly, without bucking.” — Ed Ravenel / Post and Courier / April 28, 2008

DP Lowther
742 Glover Road

Ridgeland, SC 29936

Lee and Peggy McKenzie
Lowcountry Marsh Tackys
7763 Old Jacksonboro Rd
Adams Run SC 29426

Jenifer Ravenel
6685 Quarter Hoss Lane

Hollywood, SC 29449

Ricky and Tammy Warren
Caw Caw Swamp Marsh Tackys

Possum Trail, Ravenel, SC