The Marsh Tacky is as tough as a Pine knot.  — John James Audubon, naturalist 1846

Marsh Tacky Naming Rules

  • No more than 40 characters are permitted in the official registered name.
  • Registered names are assigned on a first come first serve basis with the LC Pedigree Registry. No duplicate registered names will be permitted.
  • No names will be permitted that are sexually suggestive or have a vulgar or obscene meaning; names considered in poor taste; or names that may be offensive to religious, political or ethnic groups.
  • No trademarked names will be permitted in the registry.
  • A herd name (name of farm) may be added as a prefix to a horse’s registered name if the farm both owns the dam at the time of the foal’s conception and owns the foal at the time of registration. This registered name including the prefix must conform to the 40 character limit.
  • A herd name may not be used by more than one farm and is granted on a first come first serve basis with the Pedigree Registry.
  • A registered name may not be changed once it has been accepted into the registry.
  • “Barn” or “Pet” names may be changed by owners at any time.