Join the Carolina Marsh Tacky Association.
Help us save the Critically Endangered Marsh Tacky Horse!

Membership Application

What CMTA Does For You

Unites those interested in the Marsh Tacky horse.

Educates members, and the general public about the Marsh Tacky horse.
Promotes interests of members in the preservation of the breed.
Represents views of members on issues affecting the Marsh Tacky horse.
Assists breeders of Marsh Tackies to secure breeding stock.

What You Do for CMTA

Help support the efforts of the CMTA on behalf of the Marsh Tacky horse.
Participate on CMTA committees and in CMTA events.
Assure a future that includes proper management of the Marsh Tacky.
Educate others about the history and heritage of the breed.
Help save an important part of South Carolina’s history.

Membership Levels and Fees

The membership period runs from April 30 to May 1 annually.  Membership renewals and new memberships will be taken at the Annual meeting or by mail between meetings.

Membership Fees:

Single Membership                  $50.00 / year
Family Membership                 $75.00 / year
Lifetime Membership              $250.00
Family Lifetime Membership       $450.00

Single Membership
Single membership will be granted to a person who has interest in, or who are breeders or owners of Marsh Tacky horses following payment of designated fees.  Single memberships will have all voting privileges.

Family Membership
Family membership will be granted to persons who have interest in, or who are breeders or owners of Marsh Tacky horses following payment of designated fees.  Family memberships will include 2 adults, 18 yrs or older, and 2 children, 17 yrs or younger. Family memberships receive two votes. Children upon reaching the age of 18 can no longer be included in the Family membership.

Lifetime Membership
Single Lifetime membership will be granted to those persons who have an interest in, or who are breeders or owners of Marsh Tacky horses.  Individuals, Partnerships, Corporations, Organizations, and Governmental Agencies, institutions of learning, executors, administrators and trustees may become Lifetime members following payment of designated fees. Single Lifetime memberships will have all voting privileges.

Family Lifetime Membership
Family Lifetime membership will be granted to those persons who have an interest in, or who are breeders or owners of Marsh Tacky horses. Family Lifetime memberships will only be granted to family units (see Single Lifetime Membership for other entities.) following payment of designated fees. A Family membership will include 2 adults, 18 yrs or older, and 2 children, 17 yrs or younger. Family Lifetime membership receive two votes. Children are not eligible to cast the votes.

Honorary Memberships
Honorary membership may be awarded by the Board of Directors to individuals who merit special recognition for their efforts in the furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Association.  Honorary members will not be required to pay dues. Honorary members do NOT have voting privileges.


We encourage all CMTA members to volunteer for one or more committees.
The success of the association depends completely upon volunteers giving their time and talents to help promote and preserve the Marsh Tacky horse.
If you would like to volunteer, contact us and let us know how you would like to help. 

CMTA Committee List

CMTA has several standing committees which undertake certain activities each year. In addition, special purpose committees are formed to coordinate specific events or address specific needs. Check out our current active committees and let us know how you would like to become involved.  You can volunteer for as little or as much time as you wish but please volunteer for something. Committees are more efficient with an adequate number of volunteers. 

Promotional Materials Committee

Develops eye-catching, informative, CMTA brochures, works with the Education and Outreach Committee to maintain an adequate supply of materials.  Ships materials to other committees as needed. Prepares annual committee budget. 

Newsletter Committee

Solicits articles, formats newsletter, inserts sponsor ads, seeks out information on Marsh Tacky events, and educational activities, proofs final copy, gets latest mailing list from secretary or treasurer, delivers newsletter to printing and mailing services. Prepares annual committee budget.   

Website Management

Updates, revises, and maintains website as needed, including calendar of events and other information. Prepares annual committee budget. 

Public Relations Committee

Coordinates external communications to newspapers, television, magazines, and other outlets to increase awareness of CMTA activities, projects, and events. Prepares annual committee budget.  

Merchandise Committee

Sells merchandise and promotes CMTA at public events.  Designs and procures merchandise. Selects vendors, sets prices and sells goods at CMTA events in coordination with Treasurer.  Maintains inventory records of remaining merchandise and reorders additional merchandise as necessary.  Keeps up with latest promotional trends. Prepares annual committee budget. 

Legal Committee

Responsible for considering legal matters that may come before the Board and, where appropriate, recommends hiring outside legal counsel. 

Trail Ride Committee

Seeks out and plans trail rides for the association. Prepares a priority plan for trail activities, works with community groups and private land owners to increase trail offerings.  Coordinates all CMTA trail ride events. Keeps a record of all rides and maintains a list of available trails and contact information for each location. 

Race Committee

Plans and coordinates the beach race(s) on Hilton Head Island and other locations as needed.  Responsibilities may include but are not limited to: working with local officials and partner corporations and associations to plan the race and establish a safe site for horses and spectators; securing all necessary permits; arranging for the sale of CMTA merchandise; choosing a host hotel; obtaining boarding facilities and loading areas for horses; coordinating setup of stage, and sound system; arranging for security, emergency, and traffic control personnel; working with the CMTA board to register riders, coordinate volunteers and acquire event publicity.  

Several sub-committees are involved with the races. T-shirt sales, staging area runners, rider/horse attendees, static displays, and public education. We welcome all volunteers for this major event.  

Education and Outreach Committee

Determines educational needs and the best means of meeting those needs. Develops visual presentations and dialog that can be used by CMTA members to promote the Marsh Tacky. Coordinates special educational activities, obtains speakers, provides written materials, maintains display materials, and other pertinent information.  Attends and sets up display materials, or finds a responsible party to staff the display, at meetings, events and other venues to increase awareness of Marsh Tacky horses.  Gives presentations, or organizes other members to give presentations, at relevant meetings and events.  Helps establish FFA partnerships.  Prepares annual committee budget.  

Youth Committee

Determines CMTA goals regarding youth, develops and coordinates special youth programs, interacts with other organized youth groups.  Presents programs and provides appropriate educational materials.  Prepares annual committee budget.

Membership Committee

Recruits new members and recommends materials and programs to promote membership growth and orient new members.  Develops programs for providing better services to members, solicits input, and makes recommendations to board.  Coordinates efforts with promotional and educational committees.  Prepares annual committee budget.   

Sponsorship Committee

Seeks out corporate donations and sponsorships.  Maintains current list of sponsors, keeps approved ad copies, obtains sponsor recognition materials, communicates appreciation to sponsors, provides publications committees, membership committee, and promotions committees with sponsor information as needed.